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“The best AC/DC ever band I’ve heard? There was an all-girl band in America, Hells Belles.” Angus Young, Blender (2003) What’s better than cock rock played at top volume? Cock rock played at top volume by rad ladies. On all hallows eve, Satan’s bitches are coming to drag you back to hell with them. Hell’s […]

Con Bro Chill 10/16 Wonder Ballroom Pretention- noun: pretension; plural noun: pretensions a claim or the assertion of a claim to something. “their pretensions to culture” the use of affectation to impress; ostentatiousness. Fun- Noun enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure. Portland is truly the home of the pretentious hipster music snob. Overthought, overly cool, under whelming. Portland […]


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