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A random compilation of songs that I enjoy listening to! Hopefully these tunes make you as happy as they make me 🙂

heres a set of songs that are perfect for a stormy day when you have nothing to do but listen to music and the rain.

Some beachy lo-fi garage music to vibe out to like you’re on the way to the beach! As winter approaches we need to listen to more tunes that make us feel warm like were under the sun. If you know any artists that are similar to the ones on this playlist please send them my […]

This is my first show since I had moved back home for the summer! The progression of these songs remind me of when it’s raining then suddenly there is blue sky and sunshine, but it still continues to rain. This is my favorite weather phenomenon and I thought these songs fit the feeling.

        A playlist following a theme of tasty food! All songs, albums, and artists have a food or time to eat food included in it. Dont listen to this if youre hungry hahaha (I thought the song wasnt playing in the beginning, the volume is fixed 3 minutes in) Artwork: Tjalf Sparnaay

A collection of songs that all have the word ‘sun’ in it, they also happen to be great songs for listening to in the sun.

An hour of groovy electric tunes that will send shockwaves through your brain

Generation gap is irrelevant when everyone comes together in harmony to listen to a mix of new and old music. Spread good vibes~

psychedelic and experimental rock bands plus soul r&b from the 1960s and 70s come together to harmonize in this playlist! (made for the people i love who are hundreds and hundreds of miles away from me) (also a bit of technical difficulties in the beginning, dont get discouraged because of the silence, everyone makes mistakes!:)

Meant to be listened to with people you love (including yourself)


Have a great radio time!

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