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An hour long playlist consisting of some top favorite songs of Sam, Alex, Noah, Eli, and Jenny!! Sams favs: Yo Viviré – Celia Cruz, Buy Me Something – Caroline Smith, Take The Box – Amy Winehouse, Ramblin (Wo)man – Cat Power. Alexs favs: Little Beasts – Kitten Forever, Darkest Eyes- Colleen Green, Chinatown – Girl […]

these songs make my soul feel like different shades of purple, a variety of jazz, indie rock, & future soul plus much more

A soundtrack to a virtual walk through a tropical rain forest. Relax and enjoy!

A soundtrack to a submarine ride under the waves. Sit back and enjoy!

First playlist of 2017! A collection of songs inspired by the graphic novel The World of Edena by Jean Giraud aka Moebius. Enjoy this jazzy celestial soundtrack for a ride in your spaceship.

A selection of music that I like to listen to when Im feeling over whelmed and oh so small in the world. (Skip to 9 minutes 45 seconds) A number that you can call if youre feeling blue and need support: 1-866-728-7983 (open 24/7)

songs that are for a silver evenings and shorter days. playlist full of funk, soul, psychedelic rock, and throwbacks! you can hear blood orange, erykah badu, cowboy junkies, plus much more.

Light an incense and relax. Here is a collection of songs that make me happier, I hope that they have the same effect on you. Remember that the sun will rise again tomorrow and you will get through this.

Purpose of this playlist is to make you feel so powerful that you can conquer anything and give you the right kind of attitude to face someone you hate. The end is supposed to make you feel so good that you just wanna dance away the day.

Some creepy and dark hip hop/rap for you. Happy halloween!! Be safe & look out for your homies.  


Have a great radio time!

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