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This week’s show features the music used for an experimental project organized by host Spokane Andrew, exploring the effect music has on dreams. A cohort of people volunteers to listen to the same piece of music, either as they fall asleep, or right before they go to bed. They record their dreams, send them back, […]

Ambient music is my bread and butter, but today is my JAM

Atmospheric music comes in all shapes and sizes…this week we start with very straightforward music, then explore the effects of songs that are progressively less structured.

Lazy DJ poster boy Spokane Andrew features American composer Robert Rich’s album, “Echo of Small Things.”

Going for a little sunshine this time around…

Kind of all over the place…

Begins by featuring songs where ambient passages add atmosphere to sung words, then moves onto a couple long songs by established ambient artists influenced by nature

I shouldn’t have worn my glasses. On Wednesday night, a trio of bands rained down an aural assault on an enthusiastic, open-eared audience at Dante’s in downtown Portland. Bathed in the venue’s distinctive red glow, the performers Consumer, Liturgy, and Lightning Bolt put on an ever-more-intense show that eventually left most in attendance tired, bruised, dripping with […]


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