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Songs to wrap you up, warm you, chill you, or tickle your imagination while snow falls and frost forms as you sip hot chocolate and huddle by the fire…

It’s winter, folks…and that means constant moisture, wrapping our fine city in that eerie, strangely gentle mist bestowed by our romantic, teary clouds. So let’s listen to some music that suits it…

It’s the time of year where pumpkin spice lattes, ugg boots, huge tacky scarves, and leaf-tossing selfies rear their ugly heads…but far be it from Spokane Andrew to be a seasonal party pooper. In honor of this most basic of seasons, we return to our roots of good, solid, pure ambient music in the Eno […]

Nick Thorburn is a busy man. Since 2011, the Canadian musician has released or been involved in no less than six albums, from his band Islands, the Mister Heavenly supergroup with Man Man’s Honus Honus (and their touring bassist was Michael Cera), his soundtrack of the “Serial” podcast, and two records under his own Nick Diamonds […]

Spokane Andrew runs through some songs inspired by the magical feeling he experienced upon hiking to Ramona Falls…   …featuring the illustrious likes of Mountains, Alio Die, and Chromatics.

This week, we get into the bones of ambient and atmospheric music…the characteristics that artists use to give their music that slightly detached, imagination-provoking feel… 

Skip to the 15-minute mark for the start of the show. The dark side of living in Vancouver is the commute, and, well, Portland is literally like this right now: Fortunately, the music on the show today was all about the (relatively) upbeat! Lots of ambient techno and heavy beats to keep you interested during […]


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