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For the first episode of the summer five international students from the Intensive English Language Program shared songs related to sustainability. The students were from across the world including from Thailand,Japan  and Korea. Tune in to hear the songs selected and the students reasoning behind connecting the songs with sustainability. This show featured the largest […]

For one of the last episodes of the term DJ Anky interviewed the Portland State Recreation Center’s Director of Campus Recreation: Alex Accetta. Alex described why he originally became involved in higher education and the experience that he has had with sustainability throughout his career. Alex explained his definition of sustainability which involves economic, social […]

This episode featured an interview with the Sustainable Volunteer Coordinator for the Sustainability Leadership Center: Devin Burgoyne. Devin talked about his own experience with sustainability at Portland State University starting off with when he was a volunteer himself. Devin continued to explain his other involvement on campus and ways in which students can get involved […]

Shades of Green’s fourth episode of spring term features an interview with Dr. Catherine McNeur, an author and Assistant Professor of Environmental History and Public History at PSU. Dr.McNeur explains her research focus and the topic of her book Taming Manhattan: Environmental Battles in the Antebellum City. Taming Manhattan starts by examining early 19th century […]

Spring Episode 1: Shades of Green starts off the Spring term with an episode focused on eco-tourism. DJ Anky explains the  fundamental principles of ecotourism that work to “unite conservation, communities and sustainable travel”. Ecotourism is a type of tourism that helps to build environmental and cultural appreciation through engaging in low impact  tourist activites. […]


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