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Crew members from the show Tanya and Caitlyn joined DJ Anky to discuss their journey to PSU and how they got involved to work on Shades of Green project.

Dr. Alma from the school of social work at Portland State University discussed from trending topics from the social sustainability lens n indigenous sustainability, gentrification in Portland, and her work in sustainability. Tune in to listen to the full episode.

Today’s topic on Shades of Green was divestment at Portland State. Sustainability Affairs Director Alfredo Gonzales and Core team member Jocelyn Rodrigues discussed about this important issue of divestment.

In Week 6 DJ Anky interviewed Cindy Copper and Abby Chroman from the Impact Entrepreneurs. They talked the business aspect of sustainability and some cool opportunity for students to be involved.

In this particular episode. DJ Anky interviewed Kianna Judo Angelo from the Marshall Island. Kianna talked about the ongoing outrigger project at the Oaks Savanna. Kianna also shared her journey to sustainability.

In today’s episode DJ Anky interviewed Campus Sustainability Manager Jenny Mcnamara and her journey into Sustainability. Towards the end, she shared some fall tips for gardening and personal sustainability.

In the week 3, DJ Anky interviewed Sean Barron and Toni Hair and talked about their upcoming projects and goals for this new school year.

In todays episode, DJ Anky plays sustainability themed songs. The playlist for today include: Colby and Awu – Green, Go Green – S.O.S Michael Franti and Spearhead – Hey World (Don’t Give Up) Earth Song – Michael Jackson Towards the end she shares some Fall Sustainability Tips.

Shades of Green Season 2 premiered today at 4pm. During today’s show, DJ Anky interviewed Heather Spalding and Irene Bailey from Student Sustainability Center at PSU. They talked about the new acronym SSC at PSU and a few of the sustainability initiatives and opportunities that students can take advantage of. Finally at the end, DJ Anky shared “Fall, […]


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