Where I Come From 4 : a running history

Written by on August 25, 2015

Episode 15: Things have been so utterly hectic  as of late. I don’t even remember what episode this was (but I do know now  this is Where I Come From 4 : a running history) or what I played. I’m 6 weeks late in getting these shows posted. So these “about” descriptions are simply placeholders. Some of the shows I have to re-listen to, for assemblage of a playlist. I am currently sans internet at my new residence till the beginning of September, which is the latest point at which I will rectify this situation. At any rate at least I will now have the links available to the shows from the past 5 weeks, as I write this it is currently the 25 of August, this show #15 should be from the 14th of July. I think. HISTORY. This episode, apparently (I say after having re-listened to it) aired around the first or second week of my new, and current job, that of being a cab driver. HISTORY. For those of you unfamiliar with this show concept that I have in my rotation; although it hasn’t been revisited as of late precisely because of this 5 show hiccup, this is a running HISTORY told from a perspective of musical observation.

Essentially I am trying to connect my personal evolution, as a music fan and of my time as a sentient intelligence, with the music that I came in contact with, AS  I came in contact with it. Thus it isn’t necessarily a “musical”HISTORY, it IS a personal HISTORY with the timelines of the evolving consciousness being marked by the music that influenced those occasions.  F’ing Flesch Reading Ease Test, is saying that so far this is OK to read. So angering that robot editor. It has no understanding of context, or personal; let alone narrative style. I should really let it go and ignore it, but obviously I am having some difficulty with that.

So this episode of Where I Come From 4 : a running HISTORY I am looking at the beginning of a very pivotal time frame. The first and second year of 80’s. In the next episode of Where I Come From 4 : a running HISTORY I will go into further commentary detail as to why that is. And that episode should be happening this Tuesday. This Tuesday in reference to as I’m typing this update to this post. This Tuesday is the 26th of January. Where as this post was originally published on the 25th of August and this episode probably aired in July at some point. Wow it’s like this episode is a time traveller all of a sudden. Interesting. HISTORY







  • I Don't Know
    Ozzy Osbourne
    Blizzard Of Ozz
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • Who's Crying Now
  • Ides of March/Wrathchild
    Iron Maiden
  • Merry Go Round
    Motley Crue
    Too Fast For Love
  • The Mob Rules
    Black Sabbath
    Mob Rules
  • Jacob's Ladder
    Permanent Waves
  • Strawberry Fields Forever
    The Beatles
    Magical Mystery Tour

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