New Year, is almost here. Birds of a Feather Vol. 9

Written by on January 14, 2016

Another obvious thread on this volume of Birds of a Feather. As this episode streamed live, we; the collective, royal, editorial WE, were (here on the west coast) 62 hours away from the embrace of 2016. Campus was still largely a ghost town, and this was going to be my last show of 2015. Considering my unholy work schedule, I’ve been trying to allow myself to go along with easy concepts that fall into my lap, as opposed to stressing over what I would play week in and out. Despite their obvious nature, you can’t get any more “dropped in your lap” than the past two weeks. Christmas and New Year’s, I mean c’mon. That’s a gimmie right? Turns out there are far fewer songs dedicated to throwing away your old calendar than there are about that holiday that centers around a mish mash of diametrically opposed ancient traditions. The funny thing is despite that dearth of material, the one obvious go to for my age demographic. The seminal new wave rock anthem penned by the nascent superstars David Evans and Paul Hewson, back in 1982. Hell, I wasn’t even in high school yet. The track is a ringer for this playlist “New Year’s Day” was released on the the War album in 1983, and it was the first song I thought of when preparing this show, which streamed live on the 27th of December. Alas, the irony is I never got to that track. So I ended up playing six tracks that you may or may not have thought about when thinking of NYE songs. Four of the six reference the observation/holiday within the song title, one has the reference within the lyrics. And the last while it doesn’t literally mention, lyrically, the new year, nor does it contain any allusion to it directly in the title. The content and story within the song is all about the transition of one year to the next and how the western human animal has a tendency to hang derelict hope upon these few days as some magical turning point. That from that metaphysical bridge of time onward everything can change and be so much improved simply because it is THE NEW YEAR. This isn’t to say it can not change but the passing of time is irrelevant to the microscopic change we make inside ourselves, that is ALL ON US. And every day should be cherished as a possibility to be better, new, bold and even more daring and successful. Why wait a whole 12 months? Every day should be your new opportunity. I think I’m mostly talking to myself here. Literally, metaphorically and in the respect as to how many people actually read any of this.

Artwork by the brilliant Pulitzer prize winning Steve Breen

Artwork by the brilliant Pulitzer prize winning Steve Breen





  • New Year's Prayer
    Jeff Buckley
    Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk
  • Funky New Year
    The Eagles
    Eagles (box set bonus single)
  • My Dear Acquaintance
    Regina Spektor
    My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year) (single)
  • New Year's Resolution
    Otis Redding & Carla Thomas
    King & Queen
  • Celtic New Year
    Van Morrison
    Magic Time
  • A Long December
    Counting Crows
    Recovering The Satellites

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