The Earth Oddity Ascends (r.i.p. David Bowie)

Written by on January 19, 2016

Because I am, if nothing else, one who follows any and all trends or groups of people (this is said with tongue firmly in cheek, and it feels good) doing whatever may be popular or fashionable at any given moment in time. DAVID BOWIE. Here is yet another tribute/sonic memorial to one of modern popular culture’s great experimenters and artists. As this episode streamed live the tuesday morning of January 12. That Sunday previous we had been given notice that the Thin White Duke had left the building. David Bowie, after releasing his final studio album merely three days prior, had shrugged off this mortal coil after a near 2 year battle with cancer. Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE was doing their own retrospective and memory lane acknowledgement of the greatness that was the career of the creator of such personae as Ziggy Stardust. DAVID BOWIE. Even sports talk radio was playing solely Bowie tunes on all their bump cuts. It was kind of crazy, but it also gives an insight into how much the man’s work meant to such a large and disparate slice of Western populace.

I remember first coming into contact with images of Bowie circa the Stardust years. It was ’76 or ’77, I was living in Santa Fe, N.M. and had a childhood friend/acquaintance who live across the courtyard from my family at the Coronado Apartments. Felix, had an older brother, and I distinctly remember one day going over there, the front door was standing open. DAVID BOWIE. I called out for Felix from the entryway and got no response. There was a sweet, pungent tang to the air as I walked in that I had smelt numerous times already going up; one day I would understand this to be marijuana, and there were numerous albums on the coffee table. The record on top was The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust … and the cover just captivated me in a most unsettling way. DAVID BOWIE. I was simultaneously frightened and drawn to it. Even at a young age still yet to understand gender or sexuality in all its complexity, I could sense the power in the concept of androgyny. To not be beholden to one sex or gender and be able to encompass all that humanity has to offer and feel. It was perplexing but in some slight way opened up a door of curiosity to me, that perhaps the adults in my spheres of influence were not telling me the truth, or at least not the whole truth about life and existence. DAVID BOWIE. The cover of that record alone started me on a lifelong quest of investigation and questioning of all things






  • Ashes to Ashes
    David Bowie
    Scary Monsters ...
  • Young Americans
    David Bowie
    Young Americans
  • Under Pressure
    Queen & David Bowie
    Hot Space (Queen Album)
  • Let's Dance
    David Bowie
    Let's Dance
  • Life on Mars
    David Bowie
    Hunky Dory

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