Preparation, the work left undone – ClearingOut the Cache Vol. 4

Written by on January 20, 2016

PREPARATION. This week there simply was none. Which, at best, is understandable considering my absurd employment work load. At worst, is less than inexcusable considering the value and level of importance I place on the activity of prep work. – (Time for a completely unnecessary parenthetical aside:  By the way this “Flesch Reading Ease Test” is a real crock. Let me get this straight, I should be writing something with smaller words and sentences so that it’s easier to read. This assumes these descriptions are getting read. At this point I can already hear a voice within my own head begging the query, “well why are you bothering to write one at all?” Well the first answer to that should be rather obvious, just like the reasoning for persisting with my show, I like the sound of my own voice. Which reminds my of a common response I’ve given to people for as long as I can remember upon they’re walking up on me whilst I am talking with/to myself god forbid  OUT LOUD.PREPARATION. The short conversation would go something like, “Who are you talking to?” “Myself.” “Wait, did you just say you were talking to yourself?” “Yep, best conversations I’ve ever had.” This is almost always the end of the investigation. Whether they are offended at the dig that they are useless and pathetic at meaningful interpersonal communication, or simply weirded out by someone admitting that they talk to themselves I’ll never know. Those whom I’ve had this back and forth with have never broached the subject again. So back to this “Flesch Reading Ease Test” I am slightly offended that an algorithm is telling me how to write. Up to this point in this post description, this is considered “OK to read”) –  Back to PREPARATION . I first learned of the importance working, as I have on many occasion, in kitchens. Whether you’re washing dishes, running a closet sized deli, or holding down the garde manger station in a five star hotel. This of course doesn’t only apply to food work, film work, writing, creating any kind of artistic endeavor, hell cab driving. When you give yourself the gift of allotting the appropriate amount of time and effort necessary to prepare for whatever task or project you are about to undertake, you are essentially setting the table/stage/layout for a smooth and enjoyable go of things, one that is able to adapt and handle challenges and unforeseen problems without an affect on the end product/result.  PREPARATION is key to a successful life overall, and that key ring to life is like an apartment super’s. It is LOADED with keys, but you don’t know which goes to what lock. Ain’t life a bitch, well it isn’t really. It isn’t anything that we properly understand, nor is it something that can be quantified outside of whether or not something IS alive or dead, and even then there is debate. Perception however, now that can be a real thorn.





  • Werewolf
    Fiona Apple
    The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do
  • Galaxie
    Blind Melon
  • The Plan
    Empire Machines
    Animal Skin (EP)
  • The World Where You Live
    Crowded House
    Crowded House
  • Anti Pop Song
    Ancient Astronauts
    Into Bass + Time
  • Shade
    Shade (7")

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