An Odd Party – Clearing Out the Cache .5

Written by on July 18, 2016

This show originally aired on the 29th of March, 2016. I was having some trouble making it down to the studio, work related snafus, they wouldn’t return my stapler. An Odd Party.  The “title” of this episode, An Odd Party, is purely a subjective glance (from my opinion, of course) at the playlist. This rotating show concept, Clearing out the Cache, is simply a way for me to play a hodge podge of items that have been in my personal heavy rotation for whatever reason. Often times there is no rhyme or reason for inclusion what so ever. All that being said, An Odd Party, I suppose I should return to my habit of filling this text box to the WP Yoast SEO robot’s preferred word length by getting back to some rambling.

An Odd Party :

Oh good eff-ing heavens. It has been so long, TOO LONG. Since I’ve last posted anything at all. I am about to ( as I type this on the 4th of effing July ) post a whole slew of shows and with any luck I will be completely “caught up” when I’m done.  An Odd Party. That isn’t counting the “missing shows” that didn’t happen, as I got things ironed out with my employment partners. We were having some misunderstandings regarding my availability to be scheduled, and this was , An Odd Party, after I pushed my show back to an earlier time slot; which oddly enough was to help them in their scheduling, they just continually kept asking me to be in parts of town at time that would just not be possible if I were performing my show producing responsibilities. Of course unfortunately the rent; as I am prone to say, ain’t going to pay itself.
Before I forget, allow me to use these blogging/post description, An Odd Party,  spaces to go on a little minor rant regarding this infernal holiday that we refer to as July 4th. Seeing how I’ve taken to using these spaces as basically random and unconnected (to my shows) blog posts, it seems that no one actually bothers to read them anyway, so hey why not. It seems to be all about sprinkling in some key words and simply,  An Odd Party, writing to a specified length and surprise the SEO checking is thrilled.





  • Hurricane Season
    Trombone Shorty
  • Right on for the Darkness
    Curtis Mayfield
    Back to the World
  • Faith Collapsing
    The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste
  • Elegia
    New Order
  • These 3 Sins
    Split the Difference
  • Muzzle of Bees
    A Ghost is Born

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