Life, a funny thing that happens on the way to death

Written by on August 15, 2016

Life, it’s not just a fun cereal. What the hell am I talking about. Well honestly . .. . I have no idea, I mean Life, do any of us have ANY idea whatsoever?!? Better yet, as far as this “physical” space is considered. Perhaps this isn’t a space at all, in the physical sense. This monitor that you are looking at. Displaying numerous pixels in such a manner as to allow your brain to Life arrive at conclusions regarding some meaning that is agreed upon by the historical human society. Sure languages may change, but the meanings. The ideas, the concepts, by and large they stay the same. Yet, what do we really know about Life? I suppose this brings me back to the question what the hell am I talking about?

There is a LOT we do not know about Life , sure we understand some things about the physical mechanics of the biology. We may “understand” some of the systems and functions of the various cogs of the grand machinery, but the why behind the how, or the how of the why. These are mysteries, and part of me truly believes Life that they are meant to be mysteries. That too much understanding and/or knowledge of the gospel truth of reality and consciousness would render the whole experience somewhat meaningless. The purpose of its even happening would no longer be, and thus perhaps existence  Life would no longer be either.

This episode was originally streamed/broadcast on the 10th of May. I walked into the studio on this Tuesday morning of which I refer, knowing that I had no idea what I was going to play. I was COMPLETELY unprepared for this show. Much like a microcosm of a perspective of Life, I did some research .. aborted it. I made some preparations, abandoned them. I walked in not knowing what the hell I was going to be doing, and somehow a show STILL happened. I ended up mostly rambling through it, but still it happened. The proof is in the link.





  • Little by Little
    King of Limbs
  • Codex
    King of Limbs
  • Thorazine Shuffle (live)
    Gov't Mule
    Live ... with a little help from our friends
  • The Cricket and the Genie
    The Claypool Lennon Delirium
    Monolith of Phobos

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