Birds of a Feather Vol. 5 – music connected

Written by on December 28, 2015

To those reading more of these posts than just this one, you will know that my most frequent show concept, “Birds of a Feather” is simply episodes where there is a connective tissue between all the items within a given playlist. Something that binds them together and they share in common. I will not mention what that meta connector is here, as it should be more than obvious from reading the playlist, if not … well listen to the show and I will verbalize it. Radio radio, internet magical radio. Meta-connectivity. Simply related. Songs connected. How many freaking words does the vaunted “SEO” want in this copy, well it mentions a magic number of 95. What or how 95 words optimizes the searches for one of the podcasts hosted on our site is truly beyond me.

Once again, much like a box of chocolates, the playlist is NOWHERE near in order.





  • Time Stand Still
    Hold Your Fire
  • 11 am
    Morning View
  • 12:51
    The Strokes
    Room On Fire
  • Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is
    The Chicago Transit Authority
  • 4 Minute Warning
    In Rainbows (disc 2)
  • Time Is On My Side
    Rolling Stones
    12 X 5
  • Time
    Pink Floyd
    Dark Side of the Moon

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