Where I Come From pt. 6: Birth of MTV

Written by on July 5, 2016

Birth of MTV  This episode originally “aired” on the 2nd of February. It’s the sixth installment of my running history of where I come from as a human being, a critic, an artist, and a consumer of content  .. musically speaking. This 6th installment has us arriving at the early 80’s which coincided with the birth and meteoric rise of “new” content (and format) publisher Music Television.

Now for more rambling that has nothing to do with anything.

Oh, before I get too sidetracked, I should take this moment to reinforce the universal directive, PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN!! Coffee’s for cruiters only. I just wanted to clear the air on any confusion from that point. You very well may have not idea, what I’m talking about. Oh sure the filmic reference Birth of MTV itself is well known, as is the conceptual concepts being delivered therein, but what the hell are Cruiters? Go ask yo’ man down in Miami, Mr. Bomani Jones. He’ll tell it.


Say that reminds me, on account of the doctor said there’s something wrong with my- WHOA! I don’t need to finish that line, but seriously. As I type this I gotta come clean on my last DISC GOLFING excursion. Team Ruckus, that’s the Boo, the wife and myself, headed  Birth of MTV out to Sain Scoggins on Hagg Lake (boy they be loving that double g thang out there). I was a little nervous or apprehensive, and really for no reason. It was a splendid time all told. I had some things I’d wish had been different, or have not had happened. But overall it was a win. We’ll probably make it back at some point, but it’s not a MUST. I’d give it a strong 3.1 on a 5 or a 6.7 on a 10, I know the math isn’t exact there but hey, I ain’t no mathematician. Definitely  Birth of MTV not a mathematician.
So let’s see here I suppose I’m supposed to be talking about music or playlist that I played for some of the Indiana tea that I speak of while I’m on the radio. The radio Birth of MTV that is the interwebs seeing that this is not airwave radio and I almost wanted to say so to speak there but I mean literally this is not our way radio there was a time when KPSU flowed through the airwaves very feebly at a very weak signal  Birth of MTV but did so none the less.





  • Too Late For Love
    Def Leppard
  • Since You're Gone
    The Cars
    Shake It Up
  • One Step Ahead
    Split Enz
  • Up All Night
    Boomtown Rats
    V Deep
  • Who Can It Be Now
    Men At Work
    Business As Usual
  • Too Much Information
    The Police
    Ghost In The Machine

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