Birds of a Feather vol.10

Written by on March 5, 2016

Time for Birds of a Feather vol. 10. This show’s playlist is linked by the words of the day. That’s right it’s GROUNDHOG DAY! (again). Damn do I love that movie. What I did hear though, was take the phrase and chop it into three songs twice. Ground, Hog, Day. These words will each be found in either the artist or song title. I did end up cheating once though. The second triad hears me using Pink Floyd’s “Pigs Three Different Ones” as my hog. Birds of a Feather vol. 10

I’d really like to get the preferred minimum out of this description. I just don’t think I have 300 words in me. I have 2 rides to the airport EARLY, Birds of a Feather vol. 10, in the morning. Early like the first one is a 3:30 pickup. Oddly enough that one is at the Park Plaza Apartments which are right at the southern edge of PSU and the park blocks. They sit right across the street from the tennis courts south of Shattuck Hall. So what I’d really like to do is just get this post finished and up on the site. Although there is one thing I’d like to take a moment to mention. .. .. Birds of a Feather vol. 10  and by the way, so what my focus keyword contains “stop words” none of this really seems to matter anyway.

So this post is about a show conducted and streamed live on Tuesday the 2nd of February; which was Groundhog Day, it is being posted and linked to its amazon repository on a Saturday the 5th of March. It was on the night of this day that an anticipated sporting event took place. UFC 196.Birds of a Feather vol. 10 Where in the main event the ‘Notorious’ Connor McGregor was stopped by submission with 40 or so seconds left in the 2nd round. I instantly thought of something. The rate of UFC’s built up, super hyped “unstoppable fighters (Holly Holm lost in her first title defense as well) who go down in enormous upsets is somewhat unsettling. There is a waft of highly refined professional wrestling. Which is unfortunate and surely unprovable and a wild and irresponsible accusation by me, but there it is. Birds of a Feather vol. 10 I’ve said it. There is something undeniably suspicious about it. Then again I am wearing my tinfoil hat.





  • Ground on Down
    Ben Harper
    Fight For Your Mind
  • Spacehog
    Resident Alien
  • The Day John Henry Died
    Drive-by Truckers
    Dirty South
  • Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
    The White Stripes
    White Blood Cells
  • Pigs - Three Different Ones
    Pink Floyd
  • Bad Day
    Juliana Hatfield

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