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Time to get seasonal on this week’s What’s This Called? at KPSU.org as your host Ricardo Wang is joined by special guest star disc-jongleur Tunacan Jones of the Top Dollar Hour direct from Spokane WA. These forces join to bring you an hour of spooky sounds and horrific dj booth antics.

The 2nd hour of a two hour special of open manhole covers and wind that never existed. Songlist is on previous playlist.

The power was threatening to go out in a storm of historic proportions that didn’t actually materialize. However, the open sewer work going on in the sub-basement maintained an edge that our program doesn’t normally draw such direct inspiration from… This playlist contains the entire track list but a link to only the first hour. […]

We’re getting the Rawk out on What’s This Called? While there may be some of the experimentation you’ve come to expect during the program, your host Ricardo Wang‘s focus will be on rawking you like a hurricane. Smash things along to the beat with Marissa Magic, Dead Moon, Nocturnal Habits, The Kinks, Girl Trouble, Melvins, […]

Ok, the dj on before me is NOT HERE. What’s This Called? is going to start Early this week folks. Like RIGHT NOW! Out the Gate: Bardo Pond – “Aldrin” – Lapsed Bombay the Hard Way – “My Guru” – Guns, Cars, and Sitars; Miles Davis – Vote For Miles – On the Corner Stereolab […]

Playlist: Astor Piazzolla – “La Camorra I” -La Camorra; David Bowie – “I Can’t Give Everything Away” – Blackstar; Zach Zinn – “Luna Pill/Solar Pill” – soundcloud Bowery Electric – “Next to Nothing” – Bowery Electric; Hood – “End of One Train Working” – Outside Closer; Jessica Lurie – “Up from the Bottom of the […]

Brand new in the mail from Accretions recordings the debut album from Ryan Choi on ukelele, percussion, and strings; plus other sonic explorations from the likes of kitsura, Black Happy Day, Ffej, The Giant Worm live at the Olympia Experimental Music Festival 2015, Hierogliphic Being & J.L.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Buhl, Steven Henry Fisk, Lungfish, Bugskull, and MORE!

Fresh? You want fresh? Today’s What’s This Called? from noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on KPSU.org has new releases so fresh they haven’t been tasted yet! World Premiere of the new SadoDamascus Records Winter Copulation 2016 comp! Plus new released from the old mailbox sent by Dubuque’s Personal Archives label from Belgium’s Mahler Haze […]

Today on What’s This Called? at KPSU.orgfrom Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time, let the outer sounds take you to inner space. Your host Ricardo Wang brings you decoded audio messages from the likes of A Silver Mt. Zion, A Star Too Far, Chrome, Sun Ra, Steven Severin, Cyoakha Grace O’ Manion, Julie Ruin, […]


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