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Here it is! the 21st Edition of Upside-Down Underground! The show is old enough to drink now!! The story was about beavers (and not the school) and music line-up was random… Well, electric-swing randomish… Enjoy!

Here it is! The twentieth edition of Upside-Down Underground! my sister’s birthday is on the twentieth of May so she put together the playlist this week– prepare yourselves! Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Here it is! The nineteenth edition of you know what! Played some slower songs and it was a party. You collage students can do anything! Read the research they do and collaborate! Thanks for listening, enjoy!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! That was what the show was about today– all Spanish songs! *gasp* My lil sis is a Spanish Minor so she lovingly chose songs by Spanish artists– enjoy my long lost lovers!

I’m back! I missed last week due to THE DEATH; pretty sure I was Patient Zero with the Zombie Virus but my sis is pre-med so she cured me. Played some songs with louder beats, thank you much for listening!

Here it is! The sixteenth edition of Upside-Down Underground! This week started with Marina and the Diamonds and transported  me back to high school through the present (listen to the actual podcast for more details). 2 songs from one artist, that was the line-up…. The story was funny, I laughed when my dad first told […]

Here it is! The fifteenth edition of Upside-Down Underground. The mix of music went from songs with louder beats tapering off to beats that were quieter. The story today was about a horse– I know, shocking! Thanks for listening! Enjoy!

Here it is! I know, you all are so excited for the fourteenth edition of Upside-Down Underground and the subject matter was that of my dear, loving sister’s choosing. Yes, it was children’s choir music… swell, just swell. The story was about Uncle Bill and his 7 sons; that should be a musical. The third-to-last […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here it is, the thirteenth show of Upside-Down Underground! Started off with “I’m Not Comin to Your Party Girl” by 3OH!3 because we aren’t going to their party, were going to an Irish party to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Played some Celtic Punk and a few alternative songs for my sis; […]

Here it is, folks! The twelfth edition of Upside-Down Underground and we had a fever! Our fever began with us hearing the voices of some lovely ladies moving into a downward spiral towards a swing beat. We heard a story about teamwork and got more onto the swing of it. Once the fever subsided we felt like […]


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