Tiger Cub Radio Bub

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What even happened on this Tiger Cub Radio Bub? We listened to Ought, the Supremes, and Kristin Hersh and more.

Tiger Cub Radio Bub is back with some June energy, selections from Sheer Mag, The Minders, Ladytron and MORE

Special Guest Z Ca$h Money sits in on Tiger Cub Radio Bub with fun fun De Lux, Minden, and the Zolas lighting things up.

Pixies, Cat Power, Grizzly Bear and more fantastic music come at you this week. Jacob Wrestling with the Angel, 1865 engraving, by Gustave Dore’

Check out the sweet and tender jams offered up on this week’s Tiger Cub Radio Bub. The Ramones, Gogol Bordello, Fine Young Cannibals, Johnny Cash, rocking rhythms if you please.   Ballarina. Joan Miró 1925. Oil on canvas. 115.5 x 88.5 cm. Galerie Rosengart, Lucerne, Switzerland.

It’s Tiger Cub Radio Bub and it’s KPSU Pledge Drive Month so groove out to the maximum like the kids say with Shannon and the Clams, Gogol Bordello and Air. And support KPSU!!! A 13th-century fresco of Sylvester and Constantine, showing the purported Donation. Author Unknown medieval artist in Rome

  This Tiger Cub Radio Bub we engage with some brash yet tender melodiousness. We hear Stereolab, the Clash, Amy Winehouse and pay respects to weirdo royalty.

  Portrait of Hieronymus Bosch, c. 1550, (attr. Jacques Le Boucq)   Tiger Cub Radio Bub is back with purpose and vigor. We start in the hill country… and make our way to the streets.

Diego Rivera Retrato de la senora Nastasha Gelman   There’s nothing more cosmic than the roots on this extraspecial Tiger Cub Radio Bub.

From the Roots to the Rentals Tiger Cub dishes out the dandy dulcet tones. Oh Dear!


Have a great radio time!

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