The Rhythym of Devotion

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Music from my favorite Wes Anderson movies, with special guest DJ Mr. Skinny! We also reveal our rankings for favorite Anderson movie at the end of the episode (spoiler alert: we don’t agree)! xoxo, DJ Red Twitter Tumblr

A little happy birthday treat for Mr. Skinny’s 22nd birthday on April 28th. Check out my social media links below and make sure to listen in every Wednesday at 3pm for more new music! xoxo, DJ Red Twitter Tumblr

This week’s episode was an eclectic mix of music I’ve been listening to lately, with new music from Best Coast, San Fermin, and Sufjan Stevens. Have fun and try not to cry with that Carrie & Lowell track! xoxo, DJ Red Twitter Tumblr

A playlist of my favorite guilty pleasure tracks in honor of April Fool’s Day! Have fun and don’t forget to check out my social media pages and send song requests and comments my way! xoxo, DJ Red Twitter Tumblr

Pre-Spring Break party jams featuring new music from Best Coast and Sufjan Stevens! Time 2 TURN UP with your favorite hot mess! xoxo, DJ Red Twitter Tumblr

This week was an especially fun episode for me! It features songs I listened to a lot while I was dating a selection of my ex-boyfriends, which I refer to as “the rogue’s gallery” a la Batman. Feel my pain. xoxo, DJ Red Twitter Tumblr

This week’s episode features songs from a selection of the artists I’ve seen play live in concert (in chronological order from 2012-present, not counting repeat viewings), plus a special shoutout to my dad for his birthday. Happy listening! xoxo, DJ Red Twitter Tumblr

Celebrate Twin Peaks day with The Rhythm of Devotion! Featuring songs from the show + tracks inspired by it. The perfect soundtrack for coffee, donuts, and that gum you like that’s coming back in style. xoxo, DJ Red Twitter Tumblr

Special Valentine’s Day episode dedicated to GCF. Share this with your special someone and you might get out of buying them flowers! xoxo, DJ Red Twitter Tumblr

Pop & hip-hop jams both classic & new celebrating my home state of California (and Uptown Funk, because honestly why not?) Pay homage to the best state ever with the best (worst) DJ ever! xoxo, DJ Red Twitter Tumblr


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