Prepsters in Polos

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Earlier this week, Trevor Powers announced the end of his musical project, Youth Lagoon. On this episode of Prepsters in Polos, we go back and revisit the best of Powers’ 2011-2015 discography. ***Wondrous Bughouse was released in 2013, not 2011 as I stated in the podcast.  

I was sad so I made a sad playlist. Enjoy.

Last month, indie pop band, Rose Quartz, stopped by KPSU for an in-studio session. The full session can be heard via SoundCloud:

This week’s edition of Prepsters in Polos includes some more ambient/electronic tunes.

My dear friend, John Runnels, stopped by KPSU for an in-studio session under the moniker, Morning Bear.

DJ ‘Illa Creme (aka me), DJ Icebox (Ivan), and Super Model Elise (Aline) went on-air and tried to practice our potential KISS FM DJ personalities & played top 40 tunes from the past. Starts around 4:30.


Have a great radio time!

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