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This Wednesday, I invited Trevor Oswalt of East Forest to come into KPSU for a mini-interview & guest mix. Below, you’ll find a list of songs that have inspired Trevor in one way or another. Listen below to learn more about East Forest & the writing/recording process that goes on behind the scenes! East Forest can be […]

Florida-based indie pop duo, SALES, stopped by KPSU for an in-studio session before they played a set at Analog Theater last week. For more information on SALES:

The first time I met Adam, he came into my office with a bag of cereal he found on the ground outside my friend Jake’s apartment. Also, Adam lives in Jake’s closet. Literally. They call it “the crevice”. Adam has been wanting to “crash” my radio show for months and he finally did just that […]

The volume was acting weird so like, feel free to start at 6 minutes.

Joanna of The Muse in Music asked me to come on her show and feature my fav lady musicians!

Paste Magazine’s assistant music editor, Hilary Saunders, joined me on last week’s episode of Prepsters in Polos. We talked college, journalism, and of course, music! Additionally, Hilary brought in an hour’s worth of her favorite blues tunes! Click the link below to stream some Muddy Waters, Sharon Jones, Otis Redding and more!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’m having some boy problems so here’s a playlist I made with that theme.


Have a great radio time!

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