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Hello all you beautiful people! It’s been hectic out and about, partly due to the weather the other part being due to the holidays. I get to have a special guest on board with me this week and we talk about relaxing. We all need to unwind sometime and I think we could use less […]

This week’s episode is all about my Marathon! Whoa, look at this,ย it has been a long long time ago since last I took the mic! Luckily I have half assed reasons why I was away. Side stepping that look at all of this music I played. I played all these tunes whilst I did my […]

As the title suggests, this post is better late than never! What does that mean?! Well, I’ve been gone till just recently and I have been in Mongolia. I know, I could have gone to Monghoulia the spookiest place on Earth but what can a guy do? Anywho, I am back now and have brought […]

Whoa, you’re telling me you want to listen to They Might Be Giants?! You also want to know some trivia about them? Well, I have got just the thing you need: THIS SHOW! I talk about the weather, play They Might Be Giants, discuss what’s happening over in Tigard via the Joy Cinema, play They […]

Oh boy! Looks like I’m moving again. Why not turn that anguish into a new episode of Pursuing The Trivial!?ย I selected a collection of songs relating to moving and I thought I would share that with you. I also talked about Joy Cinema and it’s awesome films they show on Wednesday Nights. There was some […]

This week I bring you a special edition of Pursuing The Trivial with an only covers episode! I play songs originally done by Modest Mouse, Led Zeppelin, The Postal Service and many more. You’ll hear from artists such as Iron Horse, Richard Cheese, Beck, and Johnny Cash. I’ll also inform you about the holidays of […]

Salutations you wonderful people! It’s May 13th, 2015 and I talk about my crazy week and treat your ears with songs off the 13th tracks of albums. It all started with a stolen bike and ends with a crash. Hope you enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€

This week’s show had a special live recording of Planet Man (Formerly known as Sheep Shank) play for 30 minutes. Outside of that I played other songs from They Might Be Giants, The Black Keyes, The Morning Benders, and Bill Withers. Here’s hoping they’ll be back on for another show! Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€


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