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On this very special show, I interview Rusty from the Coathangers about starting a band, writing weird tunes, and how it feels to play music you love with the people you love. Catch the Coathangers live at Dante’s Feb. 23rd and 24th at Burger-A-Go-Go! All of the songs featured on this episode are from the […]

Thinkin’ about the future of music and stuff. What does it mean to be a girl in rock, now?

  I’m having a weird week, so here’s a “best of” for my own personal sappy playlists.

This week, my bandmate Luke and I discuss the pros and cons of DIY shows in Portland and how our experiences have shaped our perspective of the college-aged music circuit!

This week, I do a ticket giveaway for the fabulous Girl Fest 2018, a rap/r&b show featuring female artists exclusively from the PNW!

Today I talk with my friend, and special guest, Amira about what it’s like to identify as non-binary and how that affects being a member of the Portland music scene. This is a fun one! The music for this show was handpicked by Amira. Their band, Gut Knife, has a show Nov. 7th ASK A […]

I’M BACK… and I’m still not prepared. Will have the download link to this show up soon!

This month is National Pride Month, so a big HOORAY to that!!! Ah! Along with my excitement for all things gay, Chastity Belt’s brand new album “I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone” came out today! This hour, we listen to the brand new compilation album released by Chastity Belt’s label, Hardly Art, and […]

I’m super gay, my guest is super gay, and today we are talking about… you guessed it! Being gay! No Chauncey, today, but my good friend Sully from high school calls in to have an honest conversation about how others perceive us based off of our sexuality. Representation matters! -T

Chillin’ in the station trying not to have a heart attack (cause I’m fan-girling hard over the live Fridays band for this week). No topic today, so you gotta listen to me instead of Chauncey’s smooth, made-for-radio, voice. 🙁 BUT! I do have my sweet friend, Zak, in for a shadow session. You get to […]


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