Snarky Puppy Howls At The Moon!

Written by on November 22, 2015

Snarky Puppy was 17 Minutes Late at the Roseland Theater last night…I’m sorry, I thought you were professionals…was this your Sly Stone imitation? The gear was set up…I’m assuming the sound check had been done several hours before…there is NO EXCUSE for keeping paying fans waiting. It looked to me like 15 to 20% of the audience were musicians…working stiffs and weekend warriors who have to fucking BEG to get gigs (you know the meme,”A musician is someone who packs $5,000 worth of gear in a $500 car to drive 100 miles to play for $50″), so Partway through the first (did I mention LATE) set, led by a Snarky Puppy label mate, I was ready to walk…this is not what I paid to hear/see…I was in the balcony, the mix was crap (couldn’t hear the percussionist AT ALL, barely hear the drummer except for the bass drum, and a rather anemic guitar solo was made worse by having to strain to hear it.

Lucky for me, my friends were on the main floor, hearing everything, and digging it. I joined them between sets and, notwithstanding my above stated objections, thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the show. Scintillating solos by everybody (except the bassist/leader who didn’t take a solo). Two guitars, two sax player, a fuglehorn player second to none…and when on the floor, near the end of the show the soundboard guy got it all right for this fabulous percussion solo…one of the best, foot stomping, hip swaying percussion shots I’ve ever heard. I couldn’t hear the intros for any of the musicians so I don’t know which of their long list of players this percussionist was, but I’d pay to hear him play alone.

This was an all-ages show at the Roseland….good stuff, no matter what…it was great to see so many youngsters digging such eclectic sounds.





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