Review: Never Shout Never @ Hawthorne Theater, May 16 2017

Written by on May 19, 2017

Never Shout Never

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Never Shout Never played a show last Tuesday at the Hawthorne Theater. An all ages show that literally had people of all ages. I saw high school students, college students, and even adults (most likely with their kids). During their first couple of songs, Cristofer Drew, the lead singer, compared the Portland crowd to Utah’s saying that Portland was way more packed and energetic. Something he appreciated. He also mentioned that he spent some years of his childhood in Portland, and even went to visit the small yellow house he used to live in.

There was so much emotion and passion whenever he would sing into that floral wrapped microphone. When he sung “on the brightside (six feet tall)” it ended with an applause and an “awww”, something I’ve never personally witnessed at the end of a song in the middle of a performance. He tugged at the heart strings of the audience but he also played a few jokes on them as well; tricking them into doing a wall of death and then saying “this is a Never Shout Never show, if you want a wall of death come to our side project.” A wall of death is when the audience splits up right down the middle and runs into each other in mosh pit style right when the song starts.

Since this was the throwback tour it’s not a surprise that the peak of the show was when Never Shout Never sung “trouble”, arguably their most famous song. Most of the audience sang the entirety of the song. It’s those moments that make shows like Never Shout Never’s stand out. During one of his last songs he even told the audience to close their eyes and feel the music… also an experience I’ve never had at a show.

For more photos and info on Never Shout Never‘s throwback tour follow them on their  twitter, Instagram, and facebook.

Written by Tariq Abdellatif (@abdet100 // KPSU Photographer)





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