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Written by on February 10, 2018

Dent May

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Playing at Bunk Bar (21 +) this Saturday February 10 Dent may ( James May ) will be featuring his newly released album Across The Multiverse

Dent May can be described as a character whose looks closely represent his music. Dent May is a self described hotel bar lounge singer from Los Angeles, His music focuses on the harsh reality of life and features eccentric catchy tunes , Dent May has been building from his debut album The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele which released in 2009 into to a more matured sound which is apparent in his latest release. 

Dent May was Discovered by Animal Collective during the recording of Merriweather Post Pavilion in Oxford MS  Which helped boost his fan base and proved to be a big help for Dent May so early in his career. His debut album is closely related to barroom pop of the 1950s and 60s. further , As Dent May’s discography progressed so did his style. Sophomore album Do Things  Features light acoustic guitars, and a hint of psychedelia. This is most apparent on the track best friend  as a catchy synth opens the song. This proved to be a departure from his catchy beach tones of his debut album. With Dent May’s latest release Across The Multiverse  The artist manages to make gloomy songs sound up beat and fun. Dent May’s new album screams melancholy in a fun and delightful way. This is most apparent in his opening song Hello Cruel World. With the ballad opening as Hello cruel world.. are you real or just a dream ?

Dent May features a sound that is really his own full of melancholy and catchy tunes.

The show should not be missed! 

This will be Dent mays 4th studio record album. Previous Hits from Dent May are Born Too Late , Meet Me In The Garden and Eastover Wives. 

See Dent May Saturday February 10 At  Bunk Bar

Check out Dent May’s website for future shows and album releases.


– Diego Olivares Fuentes





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