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The S word, Alunah, Sleep Terror and Slayer. All the metals to brighten one’s morning.

Every couple months, my KPSU radio show Six Degrees of Rockination has a theme. In May 2018, that theme was “Covers.” Every song was originally done by a different artist. What songs did I play? Royal Blood – “Roxanne” Originally done by the Police, this song gets rocked up by the bass-and-drum duo from England. […]

On this weeks episode, I have Stephen Marotta on the show to talk about music, raising children, LGBTQ stuff and the environment. click this link for the last few minutes of the show: Here  

I like to listen to sad music when I’m sad. Hi, I’m your host. It’s comforting. Like how you sometimes watch sad movies when you’re feeling down. It’s a form of consolation. Embracing the sweet pathos of these songs, I face my demons — sitting still listening, to the lyrics, the sorrowful voices in my […]

Cowboy songs and political commentary


hey im doing great. i feel warm. when you go outside the air smells like things i cant name. maybe they dont have names? any way im good. -cody   i’m going to LA tomorrow (congratulations @katycarter for graduating college), also a guy told me today that my haircut doesn’t suit me b/c I didn’t want to talk […]

Already two months into her tour, Portland’s patience is finally rewarded as P!NK brings her Beautiful Trauma Tour to the City of Roses’ sold out Moda Center. After years of touring and countless performances, P!NK has become a master entertainer. Anyone who has seen a guest performance of hers at an award show knows the […]


Nina Bielawski

May 14, 2018

Whattup my dudes! Played “Work” by Britney to get all you busy people out there motivated to do your thang, played Eugene, Oregon’s GLIT, Portland’s Skelevision, and Vista, California’s Duuns. Also played the new Skegss single “Up In the Clouds”, DIIV and Ariel Pink in preparation for the Desert Daze Caravan tonight, along with other […]

Sea Shanties and Political commentary finishing off with a Canadian twist – in case what’s his name gets re-elected and we all move to canada


Have a great radio time!

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