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I been doing random 7 AM morning shows past few weeks with nothing in particular planned. Morning is a different type of mood compared to evening or late night like a lot of my other shows. This time I played some random music from Rolling Stones to Biggie Smalls to Childish Gambino to a request […]

Theo Tzu joined Learning to Grow with DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) this week for the second installment of the Shambhala Music Festival 2018 featured artist interview series! Download or stream the Podcast here at KPSU, Soundcloud, or Mixcloud! Theo Tzu is a Winnipeg based producer, DJ, and radio show host focusing on dubstep, DnB, halftime, […] In this show I sampled 4 successful and popular hip hop acts from 4 different regions who in different forms either as a solo artist, together, or in other groups/features, all have sold millions of albums and sold out shows. All have won awards and careers either as a solo, as a group, or […] Former KPSU DJ joins again, my friend. once again joins the show picking some tracks from his impressive music collection which spans both time (decades), space (geographic regions), and all genres (soul, rock, pop, jazz etc). For the most part we have some music from the 70s when he was growing up but he […]

Fresh new jams for the dog days of summer, music for parties, dancing, getting freaky! Welcome to the summer music comeback show! Your host has been busy the past few weeks working on a new format for the show! Holy Lung Radio Hour will soon start producing comedic/absurdly earnest podcast episodes, featuring a new co-host […]

Just beautiful music. STREAM THE PROGRAM HERE! Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Track/Sound” – Where It’s At/Album Senawa – “Tadulako” – Acaraki; Makoto Kawabata & Michishita Shinsuke – “Rome No. 9” – Sex, Voyage, and Echo Chamber; Add N to X – “Revenge of the Black Regent” – Avant Hard; JS-Horseman – “iV” – New Modernism; Gowns – “Gloves” – […]

90% Listener Sourced. HEAR THE SHOW HERE! Playlist – Artist -“Song/Piece/Sound” – Album/etc. Nurse With Wound – “Yagga Blues” – Who Can I Turn to Stereo; Disappearing – “The Shell Decayed (excerpt) – Disappearing; ellefläädt – “psychosalvia2-02” – Soundcloud; Psilocyborg – “The Great Beginning” – Bandcamp; Sun Ra – “Door of the Cosmos” – Sleeping Beauty; […]

Goodbye June. HEAR IT HERE!   Playlist: Artist – Song -Album/Or? Echo and the Bunnymen – “No Dark Things” – Heaven Up Here; Fischkopf Sinfoniker – “Omega (Radio Shibuya extended live mix)” – Live from Portland; Reg Bloor – “Hilarity Ensues” – Sensory Irritation Chamber; The Residents – “Ship’s a Going Down” – Not Available; Marlo Eggplant – ‘Ego Integrity vs. […]

Originally, I’d had this in my head as a summer rain theme to go with my earlier winter rain theme, but it’s been sunny here in Portland, so I figured I ought to expand a bit. Starts at 00:03:00.

Go take a nap! These are songs about sleep. Part 2.


Have a great radio time!

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