Top 10 KPSU Shows of November 2016

Written by Joe on November 30, 2016

1 // All the Singles, LadiesAn Interview with Bryan Sammis – Nov. 8

“Bryan called in to talk about and explain everything that happened: from ending Olivver to the beginnings of La Bouquet, and making their upcoming debut album…”


2 // Salmon For Dinner: Salmon for Dinner (1: Everything is Bigger in Texas) – Nov. 9

“Welcome to Lindsey Resignato and Alysa Velez’s very first radio show!”


3 // Niko at NightOptikos Live Mix & Short Interview – 3.6 – Nov. 18

“Optikos came on to Nico at Nights. He brought a great mix full of some classics, some unknown, and some crazy mashups.”


4 // Cascadio: KPSU Unplugged: Rambush & Krista Michaela – Nov. 18

“Join us as we talk about the emotional resonance of the tambourine man, soundsnap dot com, watermarked freedom, and more.”


5 // Learning to GrowDrexler – A Night of Infinite Visions – Nov. 2

Drexler shared and exclusive mix he put together just for KPSU and we talked all about what he does and what he’s been up to this past summer in particular.”


6 // Viking TwangWe honor Jim Boyer’s birthday at Viking Twang – Nov. 2

“In January, we lost our friend Jim Boyer. Tuesday would have been his 48th birthday. So today we’re going to play a performance by the Jim Boyer Band, April 10, 2008, at Biddy McGraw’s, with Lewi Longmire on guitar, Dave Reisch on bass, and Jesse Spiro on drums.”


7 // Mars MeltedEpisode 63 – De Modo – Nov. 5

“Episode 63 is here! Dance your socks dry to some grooves from The Animals, Aan, William Onyeabor and many more! Mars Melted is student powered rock n’ roll broadcasting live from the basement of Smith Memorial Student Union every Thursday at 7pm (pst).”


8 // Beyond FootnotesTanya Monthey | Women’s Health & The Law – Nov. 28

“Today, I interview second-year history graduate student Tanya Monthey. Tanya is studying modern American legal history and women’s history. In this podcast, she shares her background, current research, and research goals. Tanya’s research emphasizes the history of Oregon abortion legislation, but she shares insight into other legislation regulating women’s health. We also discuss some of the motivations behind legislation aimed at women.”


9 // Six Degrees of Rockination: Six Degrees of Rockination “Piano” Podcast – Nov. 5


10 // Box of ChocolatesA frequently recurring concept (BOF #?) – Nov. 5

“…A frequently recurring concept but as I was saying the curation of this playlist had me humming this tune, all week and thinking of people long past my sphere of direct influence.”


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