Dream Theater at The Arlene Schnitzer Hall, May 10

Written by on May 3, 2016

     For all the machinations and permutations in the Dream Theater lineup over the years, the only thing that matters to guitar players is the continued presence of John Petrucci who, with his 25 fingers, can play 10,000 notes in 12 seconds…that’s all that matters to us. We don’t care that their revolving door of drummers have won countless “fastest drummer” awards, or who’s singing or playing bass. Petrucci is all that matters to us maniacal machine gun toting’ flame throwin’ guitar slinging wannabees.
    But seriously folks…When Frank Zappa hung the moniker of “stunt guitarist” on Steve Vai, he acknowledged the trend toward guitar pyrotechnics as the new normal. So after decades of groups with flaming frontman shredders have come and gone, and the holy trinity are reduced to G3’s and their imitators, why do Dream Theater and John Petrucci stand nearly alone as survivors of the metal wars? I think I may have an answer.
     Over the past 25+ years of Dream Theaters existence, John Petrucci, by generously sharing his technical and musical knowledge with players around the world, has developed a fanatical following of guitar players. Players of all stripes, from punk to jazz, admire his technique and  his creativity. Technique alone accomplishes nothing. There are a million 16 year olds out there who can play a zillion notes a minute but who make no music. Petrucci makes music and teaches musicality. His compositions and his solos make sense as do his workshops and instruction videos. Rhythmically and melodically he shines, and Dream Theater exists to support him and it continues to survive because of John Petrucci and his commitment to education.
     Your chance to see The Master At Work comes Tuesday, May 10 when Dream Theater comes to the Arlene Schnitzer Hall in support of their new Box Set release “The Astonishing”, a Limited Edition of only 4,000 prints including a ton of goodies. Check their web site for details. http://www.dreamtheater.net and tickets for Tuesdays show are available here.
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