CocoRosie Concert Review at the Revolution Hall 10/27

Written by on November 2, 2016

Photo by Matt Greene

Photo by Matt Greene

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On October 27th 2016, CocoRosie performed to a sold out crowd at the Revolution Hall. It was an incredible experience comprised of an odd crowd and an even odder band. Opening the show for the sisters were DJ Haze Lip and SORNE. While Haze Lip played a forgettable set, SORNE commanded the rooms attention with his haunting vocals and layered sounds. If Morgan Sorne’s performance was a sales pitch, everyone in the audience was sold. The ability Morgan Sorne had to create such ethereal, theremin-like sounds with nothing but his looped voice filled everyone with awe. The crowd was in love. After SORNE finished his set with “Shaman of Snakes”, out came CocoRosie in their mysterious wonder. Donning a red wig resembling Wendy, of the fast-food chain Wendy’s and a Minnie Mouse onesie, Sierra Casady embodied the genre of freak folk while an equally interesting Bianca Casady stepped out in red basketball shorts with her hair braided in the same ‘W’ fashion as Sierra’s. They began the set with “Lemonade” and continued playing hit songs across their six albums. About halfway through show, Bianca announced their next song was about police brutality. The new song’s chorus went, “it must be hard being big and black,” as they sang about Trayvon Martin and other victims of police brutality. In their final song “RIP Burn Face”, SORNE joined Sierra on stage as the two primarily sang the song while Bianca played one of their many noise-making toys. The fusion of their voices was beautifully haunting and electrifying. CocoRosie can’t be described in one style, they are a combination of so many things blended artfully into what is CocoRosie. Their sounds are worldly and classical, featuring instruments like the harp, flute, and beatbox. They utilize unorthodox instruments in each song to create a completely different sounds, including changing what they’ve recorded in studio.The sisters are revolutionary, avant garde artists who push boundaries of gender, genre and sound. Fusing their past experiences and nontraditional perspectives with music, CocoRosie creates an art performance that will boggle the traditional mind.

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-Alysa Velez





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