3rd Annual White Noise Xmas on What's This Called?

Written by on December 28, 2013

You thought it was over, but it’s never over.

Saturday, December 28th (the 3rd and bleakest day of Xmas!), break out your darkest Yule log and prepare to submit to Santa’s most shadiest of elves it’s the 3rd Annual White Noise Xmas on What’s This Called? Famed circus impresario, founding guest star/extra of Portlandia, and MC extraordinaire Noah Mickens, Portland’s only slightly unofficial Grandmaster of Flowers, will be gifting me his entire and most obscure and esoteric noise music collection live on the KPSU streamwaves!

The show starts at Noon Pacific Standard Time and runs for two ensorcelled hours of blistering noisy tenebrosity. Gather your family around your listening device and make like the dark noise elvez!

Listen Here!





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