The first part is Fathers, Mothers and Families Show with Mary Bowers, Ron Peterson and our guest Cherie Ward Cherrybomb13

This is a round table discussion and the host is Mary Bowers The people who are in the round table is Ron Peterson The Call In guest is Cherie Ward


I started playing at 4:28 Cherrybomb13                

I couldn’t find any alien musicians this week—only human.

An all cd set, heavy on the What’s This Called? classic cuts with plenty of surprises. HEAR THE PROGRAM HERE! Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece” – Album/CD/8-track/BBS/usenet/#youtellme  Jandek – “First Awake Moment” – I Woke Up; Bastard Squid Implant – “Burning House Collapsing” – Sonic Circuits DC Presents: District of Noise Vol. 3; Greg Segal – “Demolished” – […]

In this fantastic episode of IHAQ, I bring my good friend and mentor Dr.Johnson on the show! Other then making each other laugh, we talk about wellness, love, dating and the privilege of traveling. Part 2: Here

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The House of Sarcasm #15 – Old Portland ’80s/’90s Grunge/Punk/Rock Today I played a bunch of old-school Portland punk, rock, grunge, and alternative type stuff, in honor of tonight’s sold-out Melvins show!  Bands that influenced the Melvins, such as the Wipers, and bands they may have influenced, such as…lots of bands! Here are some events […]


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