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Written by on May 6, 2016


The year 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of Portland State University becoming the editorial home for the Pacific Historical Review. The PHR is one of the longest continually published academic journals in the country and is highly regarded for its role in covering U.S. and transpacific history. The PHR is now in its ninth decade of chronicling the people, politics, and culture found along and within the Pacific Rim.

In this episode, we conduct a roundtable interview with a selection of current and past editors to discuss the origins and accomplishments of the Pacific Historical Review. Joining us is current Managing Editor, Marc Rodriguez along with David Johnson and Carl Abbott, former Managing Editor and Co-editor respectively from 1997-2014. We ask these editors about the future of academic journals and get a preview of the May 2016 issue of the PHR.

Some Previous Covers:
old-Pacific Historical Review (June 1933)
June 1933

old-Pacific Historical Review (November 1963)
November 1963

old-Pacific Historical Review (February 1967)
February 1967

old-Pacific Historical Review (August 1978)
August 1978





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