Get to Know Beyond Footnotes

Written by on December 11, 2017

Get to Know Beyond Footnotes!

In this episode, we take a break from interviewing local historians to interview each other about school, work, and our love of history.

Lily Hart is a history major focusing on Indigenous history and Public History. When she’s not hosting Beyond Footnotes, Lily works at the Confluence Project and the president of Phi Alpha Theta. She is also working with the Friends of Fort Vancouver on a podcast series that highlights women of Clark County, WA.

Madelyn Miller is a history major focusing on environmental history. When she’s not hosting Beyond Footnotes, Madelyn is working in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Archive at Portland State University.

Not interviewed but still an indispensable member of the Beyond Footnotes team is Evan Renfrow-Smiley, a history major who works at OMSI and the Oregon Historical Society. In addition to history, she is involved in journalism and is the Managing Editor of PSU Vanguard.

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