An Interview with John O’Callaghan

Written by J-Bøp on May 3, 2016

The interview begins roughly 15 minutes into the podcast, the songs played prior to the interview are listed below. To listen to the interview you can use the player at the top of the page, or you can listen by clicking the ‘Click here to download’ near the bottom of the page to download and stream the podcast.

The Maine has released 5 studio albums, their most recent released in 2015 was American Candy. This year, the band has been busy with multiple tours, and will be joining the lineup and playing the main stage at the Van’s Warped Tour. Before heading out on tour, The Maine’s vocalist, John O’Callaghan, released a six track EP titled Sincerely, John the Ghost under the moniker John the Ghost. The project was announced with the release of the single: Sour Grapes.

Interview Summary

I asked John to call in to my show to talk mostly about John the Ghost. We talk about how one reason he decided to do John the Ghost was from boredom, and how these songs stemmed from older ideas he was proud of and wouldn’t have gotten used otherwise. He talks about his inspiration behind the EP, his favorite off the EP Red House, the choice behind the overall sound, and the collaboration with his bandmate Pat Kirch, and The Technicolors‘ Brennan Smiley. We also talk briefly about The Maine, Warped Tour, Zayn Malik, Elon Musk, Pat’s shampoo, NSYNC, and his favorite album of 2015. Listen to the interview to hear everything.

John the Ghost – Spotify

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  • Sour Grapes
    John the Ghost
    Sincerely, John the Ghost
  • Nowandlater
    John the Ghost
    Sincerely, John the Ghost
  • Red House
    John the Ghost
    Sincerely, John the Ghost
  • The Whole of Your Heart
    John the Ghost
    Sincerely, John the Ghost

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