Written by J-Bøp on March 5, 2016

The theme was fire! These were the lines in each song….

1. It All Starts Here (Magic Man) – ‘Cause we’ve got fire, it’s in our blood

2. Secret Crowds (Angels & Airwaves) – Watch our words spread hope like fire

3. Night Sky (CHVRCHES) – I’m the fire in your eyes

4. After the Fire (Andrew McMahon) – The cold blood sleeping in your veins, after the fire

5. Come Under the Covers (Walk the Moon) – Put your moon in my sun, And set me on fire

6. Ocean (Flor) – But he couldn’t put out my fire, from my heartbeat

7. Grapevine Fires (Death Cab for Cutie) – When the wind picked up, the fire spread

8. New Skin (Beach Weather) – I know, what a drag, to keep it inside the fire

9. Hurricane (Panic! At the Disco) – A fire in a flask to keep us warm

10. Wendy Clear (Blink-182) – But I’d play with fire to break the ice

11. World On Fire (Olivver the Kid) – Our world on fire, I’m gonna burn it down

12. Polarize (Twenty One Pilots) – Domingo en fuego, I think I lost my halo

13. Fire (Pvris) – You started a fire and you’re, Burning up

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  • It All Starts Here
    Magic Man
    Before the Waves
  • Secret Crowds
    Angels & Airwaves
  • Night Sky
    The Bones of What You Believe
  • After the Fire
    Andrew McMahon
    The Pop Underground EP
  • Come Under the Covers
    Walk the Moon
    Talking Is Hard
  • Ocean
    Sights & Sounds - EP
  • Grapevine Fires
    Death Cab for Cutie
    Narrow Stairs
  • New Skin
    Beach Weather
    What a Drag - EP
  • Hurricane
    Panic! At the Disco
    Vices & Virtues
  • Wendy Clear
    Enema of the State
  • World on Fire
    Olivver the Kid
    The Boy Who Cried Wolf - EP
  • Polarize
    Twenty One Pilots
  • Fire
    White Noise

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